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Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC & ScanPro 3-Color-In-1 Night Hun

Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC & ScanPro 3-Color-In-1 Night Hun

Light, Headlamp, Battery Charge, Mounts, Case

Stock# WICW2053 UPC 819542020533
Wicked Hunting Lights

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Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC & ScanPro 3-Color-In-1 Night Hunting Combo Kit Specifications


  • 1 x A67iC 3-Color-In-One Full Intensity Control Light with Patented Center Axis Rotary System
    • Includes 3 center axis LED's in one light (1 x Green, 1 x Red, 1 x White)
  • 1 x ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-One Full Intensity Control Headlamp with Patented Center Axis Rotary System
    • Includes 3 center axis LED's in one light (1 x Green, 1 x Red, 1 x White)
  • 4 x Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x 4-Position Smart Charger with A/C & DC charge adapter
  • 1 x Quick Detach Adjustable Light Mount with Lever Lock
  • 1 x 1" and 30mm Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail
  • 1 x Intensity Controlled Standard Rheostat Cap
  • 1 x Intensity Controlled Coiled Cord Rheostat Tail Cap
  • 2 x Rubber Halo Shield
  • 1 x Premium Storage and Carry case
  • Instruction manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Wicked Hunting Lights is proud to announce the release of the all new A67iC & ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1 Combo pack featuring Patented Center Axis Rotational 3-Color-In-1 Selectable Color LED module with LED Position Detent Lock, Zoom/Focus, and Full Intensity Control.

A67iC 3-Color-In-1 Specifications:

  • Patented Center Axis 3-Color-In-1 Selector System - Protected by US Patent # 9,951,928 and additional Patent pending.
  • Operation temperature: Minus -30 ~ 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.
  • O-ring sealed, water resistant.
  • Battery type: Operates on 1 18650 PCB 3.7V Lithium-ion battery.
  • A67iC Bezel Diameter: 67.55 mm / 2.655 inches.
  • A67iC Body Diameter @ scope mount: 25 mm / 1 inch.
  • A67iC Weight one battery installed: 15.7 ounces.
  • A67iC Length: 215 mm / 8.5 Inches.
  • A67iC Length bezel extended to MAX zoom: 222 mm / 8.75 Inches.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Limited Lifetime on light housing. LED assembly and internal electronics - three years. Tail Caps, Batteries and Charger, other accessories - one year.
  • The A67iC features a full intensity control tail cap with the ability to power the light on at any desired intensity level.
  • The A67iC comes with Green, Red, and White LED's. The LED assembly is built into a center axis rotational device, allowing the user to instantly change the LED color with the twist of a knob without losing zero in your scope for those wishing to use or experiment with a diffident led color.
  • The innovative combination of high magnification convex lens, specially designed Intensity Control LED circuit, and Patented Center Axis rotary LED module design combine to eliminate the tedious and frustrating LED light focus adjustment procedure found in many of our competitors designs. No adjustment required - access and change the LED color instantly without losing Zero!
  • Weapon mounted light kits include picatinny style scope mount for use with 1 inch or 30mm tubes (also can be used to mount light on shotgun mag extension on many shotguns) and fully adjustable light mount.

ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1 Specifications:

  • Powerful Intensity Control LED based light with 45mm diameter Zoom/Focus bezel design which allows the user to quickly adjust light beam diameter from spot to flood and control light intensity depending on the situation and the hunters preferences
  • Patented Center Axis 3-Color-In-1 Rotary LED design - Protected by US Patent # 9,951,928 and additional Patent pending:
    • Green, Red, and white LED's built into the headlamp
    • Instantly change colors without having to disassemble the headlamp
    • Maximizes brightness and clarity by keeping each color centered in the headlamp bezel
  • Special bezel is precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization
  • Specially designed precision high magnification glass convex lens provides for extreme focus and or dispersion of light over a wide area
  • Full Intensity Control - allows the hunter adjust the brightness of the headlamp infinitely, giving them more control over the brightness and allowing them to spook less animals
  • Ability to turn headlamp "ON" at any desired power level, depending on your preference
  • Rubberized halo shield included to minimize peripheral light spill from haloing equipment or hunting partners
  • Comfortable wide adjustable cloth/elastic headband for fatigue free usage with or without a baseball style hat
  • Operates on two Lithium-Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries and charger with AC & DC charge adapter included
  • Approximate Run Time (At Full Power) - 4 Hours
  • Identifiable Eye Reflection Range - Approximately 500 yards

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