Trijicon 2.5-8x35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Rifle Scope

Trijicon 2.5-8x35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Rifle Scope

Black, 35mm, 60 Hz, 640x480

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Trijicon 2.5-8x35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Rifle Scope Details

  • Black
  • 35mm
  • 60 Hz
  • 640x480


Trijicon 2.5-8x35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Rifle Scope Specifications

More technology per square inch than any other thermal scope

The Trijicon REAP-IR® mini thermal riflescope is a small, light, powerful thermal riflescope that lets you engage targets in any light. It's trusted by the most demanding shooters and hunters who require speed and accuracy for night‑time use. Choose from multiple magnification levels and field of view to fit your specific needs.

Small package. Brilliant technology. Size, weight and power.

The REAP-IR optimizes the S.W.A.P. mindset (Size, Weight and Power) with its small packaging combined with lightweight, rugged features. When you need a thermal weapon sight that lets you move from rifle to rifle with ease, look no further than the REAP‑IR.


  • Superior Versatility Picatinny Rail Interface* - Integral picatinny top rail for accessory mounting
  • New Easy Zero* - Intuitive "easy zero" method ensures that you get rounds on target faster than ever
  • Ruggedized Battery Compartment* - New top-loading battery compartment is designed for fast and easy battery changes even in the harshest conditions
  • Brilliant Precision Detailed Reticles - All REAP-IR models are equipped with five unique reticles, providing the user with options for multiple conditions and applications
  • Thumbstick System Controller - Trijicon's fully ruggedized, weatherproof, multidirectional thumbstick control comes standard. The REAP-IR controls are large and easy to find in complete darkness
  • Reticle Position Digital Readouts - The REAP-IR thermal sight displays your current reticle position in the lower-left corner of the screen to aid with ballistic calculations and sighting in the system
  • Edge Detect - This is an entirely new way to view your target with more precision. Edge Detect Mode is a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness from the screen
  • Rangefinder Stadiametric Ranging - With the Stadiametric Rangefinder, you can quickly determine distances to your target. It's as simple as setting your range unit, setting your target size and then adjusting the range marks to your target. Then your distance is displayed in the Range Readout Display
  • Polarity Control White Hot/Black Hot - The REAP-IR comes with an easy-to-control polarity mode that lets you switch between 3 levels of White Hot and 3 levels of Black Hot. Other thermal systems on the market only offer 1 level. With low, medium and high levels, you can pick your perfect mode
  • 8x E-Zoom Digital Zoom - A digital electronic zooming system comes standard on the REAP-IR. This lets you achieve various magnifications quickly. And with the advanced, built-in sighting system, the reticle will maintain boresight

The REAP-IR also includes:

  • User's Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Shuttered Eye Guard
  • Lenspen
  • 2x CR123 Batteries
  • Trijicon Logo Sticker
  • Warranty Card
  • Hard Case

Trijicon 2.5-8x35 Reap-IR Mini Thermal Rifle Scope
Model:Reap-IR Mini
Sensor Type:Uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide)
Thermal Sensitivity:<50mk
Sensor Resolution:640x480
Sensor Pitch:12 Micron
Frame Rate:60 Hz with a 30 Hz Power Save Mode
Spectral Response:8 - 12 Microns
Display Type:Digital OLED
Display Resolution:640x480 Pixels
Basic Features:E-Zoom and Polarity
Advanced Features:

DCE - Digital Contrast Enhancement

DFC - Digital Focus Control

Rangefinder - Stadiametric

Start-Up Time:>5 Seconds
Video Output:Analog RS-170 (with Optional Cable)
Battery Type:2 Each CR123 3 Volt
Battery Life:~ 2 Hours per Battery
Weapon Mount:Mini D-LOC Picatinny Rail Mount
Reticle:5 Unique Reticles Available
Battery Compartment:Standard Front Loading Compartment
Accessory Interface:Wilcox Shoe Interface
Weight (oz):20.8
Dimensions (in):6.5 x 3 x 2.95 (L x H x W)
Diopter:-6 / +2
Eye Relief (mm):27
Operating Environmental (°C):-40 - +55
Storage Environmental (°C):-45 - +75

*Available only on the IRMS-20-2, IRMS-35-2 and IRMS-60-2 models.

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