Tipton Compact Range Vise

Tipton Compact Range Vise

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The Tipton Compact Range Vise was developed to be the ideally suited item for anybody looking for an exceptional choice. Manufactured using some of the most useful available substances and design, these Shooting Accessories through the product specialists at Tipton can last an exceptionally lengthy time. For a very long time, Tipton has been helping to make high end merchandise, and the Tipton Compact Range Vise is evidence of their dedication to making certain you possess the items you'll need to thrive in almost any circumstance.


- Securely holding the widest array of guns possible while collapsing to fit in a range box
- Compact design is a convenient solution to gun cleaning at the range
- Collapses to 11-1/4" and fully expands to 17-3/4"
- Six rubber feet provide the vise a very rigid, non-slip base
- Made from high quality, solvent resistant polymer that will deliver years of lasting performance


- Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches 2.5 pounds
- Weight: 2 pounds
- Material: Plastic
- Size: LONG GUN
- Color: gray
- Manufactured: Tipton

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