Tapco MNT90301 Rail Panels DE - 5 Pack

Tapco MNT90301 Rail Panels DE - 5 Pack

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Did you know that without rail panel covers, significant damage can be done to the rails or even injuries to a rifle user's hand Tapco has packed together 5 of our INTRAFUSE Rain Panel Covers to try to prevent these situations from occurring. Tapco's panels can be kept as they are or a user can cut them in half for a placement around accessories. Each panel, though made of flexible material, is patterned with an aggressive enough texture to provide a solid gripping surface while firing. A damaged rifle and/or bodily harm are both costly. So save yourself some money (not to mention trouble) and pick up a few 5 packs today.

- Fits on Picatinny rails
- Produced from SantopreneTM, a high strength flexible rubber material easily cut to custom lengths
- Length: 6"
- Width: 1.375"
- Made in the U.S.A.
- Dark Earth
- Per 5

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