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StoraCell C/D Battery Caddy

StoraCell C/D Battery Caddy

Rescue Orange, 4 Pack

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  • Battery Caddy C/D 4-Pak Rescue Orange


If the electronic gadgets you use take size C or Size D batteries, you need to keep them organized and handy with the C And D Combo Four Pack Battery Caddy. This neat battery pack keeps two of each of these batteries ready for you to easily get at when you need them---Hassle Free. No more digging through the "junk" drawer for that "@#%$&!" battery.

Manufactured from tough Nylon 12 engineered plastic, the unique design of the Battery Caddy allows the batteries to be dispensed one at a time with one hand for safety and convenience. Unlike other portable battery packs, there is no fumbling around, especially in an emergency situation. Besides convenience, the top and bottom terminals of the battery are protected by the battery container.

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