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Steiner ANPVS-21 Refocus Lens

Steiner ANPVS-21 Refocus Lens


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Steiner Universal Refocus Lens Details

  • Black


Steiner Universal Refocus Lens Specifications

Steiner's Refocus Flip-Up Lens for AN/PVS-21 NVDs is an external clip-on lens that allows operators to refocus their night vision devices instantly from distant scenery to close focus of 20-24". This is especially useful in time-sensitive situations when one needs to perform a task at arm's length. The device features a polymer frame that can flip the lens up or down (out and into a line of sight), which eliminates a need to remove or manually refocus head-worn night vision optics every time one needs to switch the focus quickly from far to near.


  • Focuses from Infinity to 20-24"
  • For AN/PVS-21
  • 30° Angular Field of View

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