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SilencerCo Specwar 5.56 Rifle Suppressor

SilencerCo Specwar 5.56 Rifle Suppressor


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  • Caliber: 5.7mm to 5.56mm
  • Weight: 19.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 1.50” diameter
  • Length 7.30”
  • Sound Level 130.2 (5.56 NATO)
  • Full Auto Rated
  • Materials: Stellite & Stainless Steel
  • FFL REQUIRED for shipment.


The Specwar™ is the most affordable full auto multi-caliber rifle suppressor line we offer. Featuring patent-pending Active Spring Retention (ASR™) technology, the Specwar mounts to a proprietary flash hider or muzzle brake to facilitate solid, trouble-free lockup; installation and removal of the suppressor takes seconds. Ease of use and an uncompromising dedication to toughness make the Specwar a top choice for sound suppression across multiple calibers (up to 300 RUM for the Specwar 762). Even when undergoing full auto fire, the Specwar line performs to the highest level due to the Stellite™ baffle construction, an alloy that is approximately 30% stronger than the industry-standard Inconel®. Each Specwar is warrantied for short barreled rifle use down to 10” in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO.

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