Sightmark 9mm Luger Accudot Red Laser Boresight

Sightmark 9mm Luger Accudot Red Laser Boresight

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Sightmark 9mm Luger Accudot Red Laser Boresight Specifications

Designed to get shooters on paper with their first shot and save time (and money) when zeroing their firearms, Accudot 9mm Red Laser Boresights are an incredible bang for the buck. Featuring a rechargeable, internal Lithium-Ion super capacitor that saves shooters from purchasing difficult to find batteries, Accudots also help save battery life with auto-activation on, only consuming power when chambered in the firearm. Constructed of durable brass, this Accudot is ideal for sighting-in your 9mm from 15 - 100 yards. A calibrated diode improves overall accuracy, while an included USB charging dock allows for on-the-go charging. In addition to recharging dock and USB cable, Accudots also include a wall adapter and carrying case.

Included in Package:

  • Recharging dock
  • USB cable
  • Wall adapter
  • Carrying case

Sightmark 9mm Luger Accudot Red Laser Boresight
Model:9mm Luger Accudot Red Laser Boresight
Laser Wavelength (nm):632 - 650
Output Power (mW):<5
Battery Type:Internal rechargeable battery
Battery Life:1 hour
Fully Battery Charge Time:1 hour
Dot Size @ 100 yds (in):2
Body Material:Brass
Operating Temperature (ºF):10 to 122
Operating Temperature (ºC):-12 to 50

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