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  • Poly Tech Front Sight Base Bayonet Assembly

    For AK47 Stock# POL70002600


  • Poly Tech AK47 Gas Piston

    USA Made Stock# POL71032


  • Poly Tech AK47 Cleaning Kit

    Stock# POL70F10


  • Poly Tech AK Pistol Grip

    Dark Wood Stock# POL7008G


  • Poly Tech AK Pistol Grip

    Blonde Wood Stock# POL7008


  • Poly Tech AK47 Cleaning Rod

    Stock# POL700024


  • Poly Tech Chinese SKS Gas Piston

    Stainless Stock# POL60002


  • Poly Tech AK47 Blank Firing Muzzle Adapter

    USA Made Stock# POL110018


  • Poly Tech AK47 Three Magazine Clamp

    Stock# POL100054


  • Poly Tech AK47 Two Magazine Clamp

    Stock# POL100053


  • Poly Tech Heavy Duty Sight Tool

    For AK47 and SKS Rifle Stock# POL100019


  • Poly Tech AK47 Legend Manual

    Stock# POL000088


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