Rugged Suppressors Obsidian9 Pistol Suppressor

Rugged Suppressors Obsidian9 Pistol Suppressor

Black Cerakote

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Rugged Suppressors Obsidian9 Pistol Suppressor Details

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  • Color: Black Cerakote


Rugged Suppressors Obsidian9 Pistol Suppressor Specifications

The Obsidian9 is optimized for 9mm for additional suppression while staying light and compact. Rugged Suppressors' ADAPT™ Module gives you 2 lengths in one suppressor, for maximum suppression or weight/length savings. With a diameter of 1.37″ the Obsidian9 is compatible with pistol suppressor sights, making it perfect for pistols or sub-guns.


  • ADAPT™ Modular Technology: In a class of its own, the Obsidian9 is nearly half its size in it’s short configuration, giving you two suppressors with one tax stamp. With additional versatility in mind the Obsidian9 is fully compatible with suppressor sights for seamless use on a pistol or carbine.
  • Keyed Baffles: Obsidian9 baffles are machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel barstock, with three indexing tabs for proper alignment. With serviceability in mind the Obsidian baffles create a gas seal that virtually eliminates carbon build up between the baffles and tube.
  • Non-Slotted Piston: The Obsidian9 and Obsidian45 use a non-slotted design creating a full circumference gas seal. This drastically lowers gas blowback for a more enjoyable shooting experience. The Obsidian9/45 pistons are cross compatible with SilencerCo™ slotted pistons.
  • Revolutionary Mounting System: The Obsidian9 mount is machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel barstock. Rugged Suppressors strategically place the engraving on the thickest cross section of the 17-4 stainless steel mount for fast and easy replacement should the suppressor become damaged beyond repair, it also serves to make the Obsidian9 infinitely upgradeable in the future.
  • Parts Compatibility: Already a proud owner of an Obsidian45™? The Obsidian9 is fully compatible with Obsidian45 accessories. Pistons, Fixed Mounts, Fixed Barrel Spacers and 3 Lug Mounts all are interchangeable with the Obsidian 9!
  • Belt Fed Rated®: The Obsidian9 is machined from top of the line materials to not only last a lifetime, but withstand any rate of fire. Because Rugged Suppressors believes your gear shouldn’t be what’s holding you back.

Additional Features:

  • Removable Front Caps
  • Pistons works as a Front Cap Tool


  • 1/2×28 piston
  • 9mm Front Cap
  • Obsidian 9 Suppressor
  • ADAPT Module
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Obsidian Logo Sticker

Rugged Suppressors Obsidian9 Pistol Suppressor
Brand:Rugged Suppressors
Diameter (in):1.37
Standard Configuration Length (in):7.8
Short Configuration Length (in):4.85
Standard Configuration Weight (oz):12.7
Short Configuration Weight (oz):8.7
Baffles:17-4 Stainless Steel
Tube:Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum
Mount:17-4 Stainless Steel
Finish:High Temp Cerakote® (Black)
Pistol Full Configuration Sound Levels:121.4
Pistol K Configuration Sound Levels:135.5
Carbine Full Configuration Sound Levels:120.9
Carbine K Configuration Sound Levels:128.5

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