Inceptor Preferred Defense 9mm Luger 25rd Ammo

Inceptor Preferred Defense 9mm Luger 25rd Ammo

65 Grain, ARX, 10 Boxes Per Case

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Inceptor Preferred Defense 9mm Luger 25rd Ammo Details

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Grain: 65
  • Bullet Type: ARX
  • Box: 25 Round


Inceptor Preferred Defense 9mm Luger 25rd Ammo Specifications

The ARX® is a revolutionary bullet in every sense of the word. From the way it’s manufactured, to its shape, to the way it transfers energy to the target. The non-expanding ARX is injection-molded from a specially blended polymer-copper matrix that is designed to be tough enough for an all-purpose defense round.

Upon entering soft tissue, the specially designed grooves in the nose harness the soft tissue and constrict, pressurize and eject it at 1.5 to 2 times the directional speed of the bullet. This is the well-known Venturi Effect. As the bullet penetrates, it tumbles in a controlled, predictable fashion that delivers consistent terminal performance that equals or exceeds conventional hollow-point designs without over penetrating.

Inceptor® ARX Preferred Defense rounds are designed to function in all weapons, including large-frame handguns, carbines and automatic weapons. Due to the lightweight ARX bullet, it has a low-recoil signature for increased follow-up accuracy in critical defense situations.

Inceptor Preferred Defense 9mm Luger
Model:Preferred Defense
Caliber:9mm Luger
Bullet Type:ARX
Muzzle Energy (ft lbs):415
Muzzle Velocity (fps):1695
Rounds Per Box:25
Boxes Per Case:10
Casing Material:Brass

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