Primos Double Gobble Turkey Call

Primos Double Gobble Turkey Call

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Primos Double Gobble Turkey Call Specifications

At Primos, Primos have studied the recent interest in hand blown gobble calls. They are effective if you can master them. Truthfully, few can. Primos have worked hard on the Double Gobble to produce a hand blown call that is easy to use. But Primos didn't stop there. Realizing that some hunters would not master the hand blown call, Primos pushed on to make sure everyone would be able to use this call.

Primos added the ability to attach a bellow tube to the mouth piece which makes producing a Jake or Mature Gobble effortless! The Double Gobble is perfect for challenging gobblers to come in or locating them. No matter how you use it, the Double Gobble Speaks the Language!

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  • 2 ways to gobble – by mouth or by hand
  • One-handed (shake) for Jake gobbles
  • Two-handed (pump) for Mature gobbles
  • Patented silencer cap
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