Meopta MeoPix iPhone 4 & 4S iScoping 53mm Adapter

Fits Leica Televid Spotting Scopes

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  • Fits Leica Televid Spotting Scopes


The MeoPix iScoping adapter is a revolutionary new tool for anyone wanting to capture long range images. The MeoPix iScoping adapter slips over the spotting scope or binocular eyepiece – cradling your iPhone® 4/4s in perfect alignment to the optic – allowing your iPhone® to capture amazing long distance images. You can then use your iPhone® for identifying, cataloging and uploading to email or the web the high-resolution photos you’ve just taken. Constructed of injection-molded polycarbonate the MeoPix weighs only a few ounces yet can take abuse. And best of all it’s made right in the USA. Why drag a large bulky camera into the field? Your iPhone® is ready and waiting.

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