Inteliscope G2 Rifle Mounted Digital Multi Tool

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  • Attaches iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, and iPod 5 to a firearm with a picatinny rail
  • Attaches to rail via Thumb-Toggle cam
  • Adjustable mount position
  • Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • Shoot around corners with no head exposure
  • Cases inlcuded for iPhone 4/4s, 5, and iPod 5



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The Inteliscope mount system attaches your Apple device securely to any firearm with a Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913) or Weaver tactical rail and sports a number of features:

  • High Strength Composite-Reinforced Polymer
  • Ruggedized Tactile Rubber Finish
  • Quick-Release Portable Protective iPhone or iPod Cover
  • Attaches to Rail via Thumb-Toggle Cam
  • Adjustable Mount Position
  • Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • Shoot Around Corners with No Head Exposure

The Inteliscope app provides on-screen, heads-up display and is included with every purchase. The software is continuously improved and packed with features including:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Custom Crosshairs
  • 5X Digital Zoom
  • Video Recording from the Shooter’s Perspective
  • Ballistics and Firearm Data
  • Built-in Compass
  • GPS Position
  • Local Prevailing Winds
  • Shot Timer
  • Flashlight and Strobe using Built-in LED


*iPhone not included

This device is limited by camera optics and is intended for tactical use. Hunting with electronic enhanced devices may be illegal in some states. Check your local regulations.

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