Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 30 Caliber 50rd Bullet

Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 30 Caliber 50rd Bullet

150 Grain, Spitzer

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Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 30 Caliber 50rd Bullet Details

  • Caliber: 30
  • Grain: 150
  • Bullet Type: Spitzer
  • Box: 50 Round


Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 30 Caliber 50rd Bullet Specifications

Nosler's Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip® bullet takes Nosler's Ballistic Tip® technology for accuracy, penetration, and controlled expansion; and combines it with Winchester's Lubalox® black oxide coating process to make every shot you fire easier on your barrel. Try it yourself, and see the difference that combined technology makes.


  • Polymer Silvertip - Prevents deformation in the magazine.
  • Lubalox® Exterior Coating - Reduces fouling, pressure, and friction between bullet and bore. Provides longer barrel life, easier cleaning, and enhanced accuracy.
  • Fully Tapered Jacket and Special Lead-Alloy Core - Allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels.Heavy Jacketed Base - Prevents bullet deformation during firing and acts as a platform for large-diameter mushrooms.
  • Ballistically Engineered Solid Base® - The boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance, and makes loading easier.

Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 30 Caliber
Model:Ballistic Silvertip
Bullet Type:Spitzer
Bullet Diameter (in):.308
Optimal Twist (in):
Rounds Per Box:50
Boxes Per Case:
Casing Material:Copper

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