NCStar AR Handguard Removal Tool

NCStar AR Handguard Removal Tool

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AR-15 Hand Guard Removal Tool will make the removal and the installation of hand guards a very simple task. No more struggling with your bare hands or finding an extra set of hands to help with the removal or installation of your AR-15/ M4 hand guards. This is a must have tool in your tool box.
The Tools Hook is inserted into the front of the Mag-Well and the Arms go around the Delta Ring. With a slight squeeze of the arms and compressing the Delta Ring with one hand, your other hand is free to easily remove or install the hand guards.


- Tool is coated in a soft and pliable Plastic coating that will not mar your firearms finish.
- Construction: Steel Bar stock with Plastic Dip coating.
- Weight: 5.9 oz.
- Length: 11.7

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