Lyman Master CASTING Kit

Lyman Master CASTING Kit

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Lyman's "Master Casting Kit" 115 Volt

Lyman's economical "Big Dipper" makes it possible for any reloader to start casting his own bullets. With a 10 pound capacity, the electric Big Dipper can melt enough alloy to turn out plenty of top quality bullets quickly. Bringing a full load to casting temperature takes only about 30 minutes.

The kit's low price also includes Lyman's popular improved 4500 Bullet Sizer/Lubricator. Simply add the right top punch and sizing die and the 4500 will smoothly size down your bullet to the correct diameter while it evenly applies the provided Super Moly lubricant.

In addition to the Big Dipper and the 4500 Sizer/Lubricator, the kit features a long handled casting dipper, a handy ingot mould and the widely acclaimed Bible of bullet casting Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. All this for less than the price of most casting furnaces.

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