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Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Fishes, Frogs and Other Amphibians (10 Slides)

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  • Dogfish (Scyllium) vertebral column transversal section.
  • Fresh water fish, region of gills transversal section.
  • Fresh water, region of tails, transversal section.
  • Fish scales, various types whole mount.
  • Tadpole, frog larva, transversal section through body.
  • Frog (Rana) blood smear.
  • Frog (Rana) tongue transversal section.
  • Frog (Rana) intestine transversal section.
  • Frog (Rana) lung transversal section.
  • Salamander skin, transversal section with poison glands.


The Fishes, Frogs and Other Amphibians Slide Set from Konus provides an introduction to marine biology at the cellular and microstructural level and can be used for the purpose of teaching basic biology, comparative anatomy, and taxonomy of fresh water aquatic species.

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