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Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Insects (25 Slides)

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  • Culex common house mosquito female whole mount.
  • Culex common house mosquito male whole mount.
  • House fly, whole mount.
  • Drosophyla, fruit fly, whole mount.
  • Mosquito heads male and female (sucking type mouse apparatus, whole mount).
  • Mosquito male mouth parts whole mount.
  • Mosquito female mouth parts, whole mount.
  • Butterfly, mouth parts whole mount (lapping type).
  • House fly, proboscis w.m. (sponging type).
  • Honey bee mouth parts whole mount.
  • Insects digging legs whole mount.
  • House fly leg, whole mount.
  • Insects swimming legs whole mount.
  • Insects leaping legs whole mount.
  • Insects tale pollen leg.
  • Cricket wings showing file and scraper w.m.
  • House fly wing and halteris whole mount.
  • Butterfly wing with scales, whole mount.
  • Antenna types five kinds whole mount.
  • Insect compound eye whole mount.
  • Prawn eye lateral section through ommatidia w.m.
  • Cornea, flat mount to show fawcets whole mount.
  • Honey bee (Apis mellifica), ovary of the queen.
  • Insect trachea whole mount.
  • Mapighian tubes grasshopper whole mount.


This array of Insects Slide Set from Konus is meant to stimulate your student's curiosity. Arranged in an attractive wooden box, these 25 insect specimens are mounted, with descriptions, ensuring years of learning.

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