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Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Protozoa (10 Slides)

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  • Paramecium infusoria ciliated.
  • Vorticella (Carchesium).
  • Plasmodium vivax.
  • Paramecium stained.
  • Paramecium, various stages of conjugation.
  • Honey bee, mouth parts, whole mount.
  • Protozoa, mixed species.
  • Unicellular animal (Ameba or other).
  • Blood smear infected with malaria Plasmodium.


Konus Protozoa Slide Set provides you with a number of specimens to view. Contained in an attractive and practical wooden box, along with descriptions for each specimen and an introduction to the collection, these slides are excellent educational tools, ideal for use in the classroom.

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