Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Animal and Human Parasites (10 Slides)

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  • Tapeworm (Taenia) transversal section proglottidis.
  • Tapeworm (Taenia) eggs, whole mount.
  • Trichinella transversal section muscle with larvae.
  • Trypanosoma in blood smear.
  • Plasmodium, causes malaria, blood.
  • Liver of rabbit with coccidiosis transversal section.
  • Big liver fluke (Fascicola) transversal section.
  • Schistosoma transversal section of male and female.
  • Hydatide cyst of Echinococcus transversal section.
  • Roundworm of man and pig Ascaris transversal section.


The animal and human parasites slide set from Konus is an excellent educational tool for teaching differentiation of common parasites. The set includes 10 slides of various parasites - some in isolation, some in situ within various media.

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