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Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Konus Zoology Prepared Slides

Animal Embriology and Development (10 Slides)

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  • Tapeworm of sheep proglottid transversal section.
  • Honey bee ovaries of queen transversal section.
  • Fish, testes with spermatozoa transversal section.
  • Sperm smear of bull.
  • Testis of bull spermatogenesis transversal section.
  • Ovary of rabbit ovogenesis transversal section.
  • Fallopian tube of guinea-pig transversal section.
  • Uterus of pig, resting stage transversal section.
  • Uterus of rat with embryo transversal section.
  • Placenta of cat or pig transversal section.


The Animal Reproduction slide set is an excellent education tool for teaching about the process of animal reproduction from Gametes to embryo and includes tissue samples of reproductive system organs, including uterus, testis ovaries, and more. This set also includes Gametes and tissues from various organisms for the purposes of comparison.

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