Konus Topaz 3.5x Surgical Microscope-Binocular

Konus Topaz 3.5x Surgical Microscope-Binocular

Stock# KON5520 UPC 698156055205


  • Impeccable quality and maximum performance
  • Never-before-seen price, coupled with the fastest lead time in the industry
  • Highest comfort for the viewer because of the special headband set
  • 3.5x magnification power and 400mm working distance
  • Field of view mm. 86
  • Microscope-binocular with adjustable headband and illumination


An highly professional microscope with binocular shape that is useful whenever the maximum precision is needed and there is no room for error, something that makes it an ideal tool for surgical, dental and industrial purposes.

Its optics are built with the Prismatic system that provides an advantage in terms of higher magnification power and better in-depth stereoscopic view.

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