Konus Opal 20x Stereoscopical Microscope

Konus Opal 20x Stereoscopical Microscope

Binocular Head, 10x WF Eyepieces, 2x Objective

Stock# KON5458 UPC 698156054581


  • Binocular head
  • Eyepieces of 10x WF
  • Achromatic objective of 2x
  • Inter-pupillary distance regulation and dioptric regulation (+/-5)
  • Precision regulation of focusing
  • Transparent disc
  • Incidental light, illumination with halogen bulb of 12V/10W
  • Dust cover


Konus OPAL 20x Stereoscopical (Stereo) Microscope, American Plug with straight binocular head is practical microscope like Konus Stereoscopical Delta 20 x Microscope 5031 which will allow you to appreciate the best details of crystals, minerals, coins, flowers, plants. Konus Stereo Opal 5458 Observation Microscope does not require any prepared slides. Konus 20 x Opal Stereo Microscope-5458 has a magnification precision focusing, with professional optics, incidental light, illumination with halogen bulb of 12V/10W. Konus supplied this Stereoscopical Opal Microsope with dust cover and instructions for use in 8 languages.

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