Konus Crystal-Pro 7-45x Stereoscopical Microscope

Konus Crystal-Pro 7-45x Stereoscopical Microscope

Trinocular Head, 10x WF Eyepieces, .7 - 4.5x Objectives

Stock# KON5424 UPC 698156054246


  • Trinocular head
  • Two WF 10x wide field eyepieces
  • Zoom objectives from 0.7 to 4.5x
  • Inter pupillary distance regulation, dioptric regulation
  • Zoom handles on both sides
  • Universal stand with regulable arm
  • Voltage, adapter for fixing to microscope


Konus Crystal-Pro 7x-45x Stereoscopical Trinocular Microscope 5424 has a powerful stereoscopical zoom with zoom magnifications from 7 to 45x. Novelty of Konus 5424 Crystal Pro Micro Scope is in the special stand with long arm, can be completely rotated and regulated, useful for many specific works. 5424 Stereoscopical Professional Microscope with trinocular head, supplied with two WF 10x wide field eyepieces like other Konus Microscopes. Konus supplied this Stereoscopical Crystal-Pro 5424 Microsope with dioptric regulation, zoom handles on both sides. In order to reach each zone of working area Konus-5424 Biological Microscope Crystal-Pro has universal stand with regulable arm (maximum height 30cm (11.81") maximum length 55cm (21.65).

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