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Konus College 600x Biological Microscope

Konus College 600x Biological Microscope

Monocular Head, 15x WF Eyepiece, 3 Inerchangeable Objectives

Stock# KON5302 UPC 698156053027

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  • 15X Wide angle eyepiece
  • Straight hollow tube, focal length 160mm. Can be used for photography
  • Three achromatic objective lenses lenses: 4X (60X), 10X (150x), 40X (600X)
  • Wide 120x110mm stage which can be used with a repeater stage
  • Double focus adjustments, macro metric and micrometric for fine regulation both sides
  • Lens protective focus lock
  • Light condenser lens to regulate incoming light
  • Iris diaphragm and filter holder
  • Solid, stable metal stand can be inclined to 90 degrees for more comfortable observation
  • Flat concave mirror 46mm w/support pin to illuminate from the side or front
  • Slide clip
  • Dust cover


Biological microscope with monocular head, 15x WF eyepiece and three interchangeable achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x.

Double focusing regulation, micrometrical and macrometrical, slide-holder stage, light condenser lens, iris diaphragm with filter-holder, antidust cover.

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