Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Fungi, Lichens and Briophyta (15 Slides)

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  • Rhizopus, bread mold, developing sporangia.
  • Rhizopus nigricans whole mount.
  • Spurred rye sporae.
  • Penicellium whole mount.
  • Penicillium, conidia on conidiophora.
  • Aspergillus whole mount.
  • Aspergillus, conidia on conidiophores.
  • Saccaromyces, budding, whole mount.
  • Yeast dividing, whole mount.
  • Peziza, cup fungus, section of apotecium with asci.
  • Ustilago tritici, loose smut of wheat.
  • Ustilago zeae, corn smut, section of pustule showing developing chlamydospores.
  • Coprinus, sec. showing baadia and spores.
  • Lichen, section vegetative portion of thallus.
  • Lichen, section of apothecium.


This collection of specimens is designed specifically for education purposes. Konus's Botany: Fungi, Lichens, and Briophyta Slide Set contains 15 slides, ranging from yeast to rye spores with descriptions and an introduction to the collection by a professor.

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