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Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Angiospermae and Dicotyledons (Magnoliopsidae) (25 Slides)

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  • Vicia root tip with mitosis.
  • Pelargonium transversal section young stem.
  • Pelargonium transversal section of leaf.
  • Helianthus stem lateral section.
  • Helianthus stem lateral section.
  • Cuscuta, dodder on host.
  • Ficus rubber plant transversal section leaf.
  • Ipomea sweet potato transversal section.
  • Capsella lateral section embryo with cotyledons.
  • Capsella section of developed flower.
  • Ranunculus transversal section young root.
  • Daucus carota transversal section.
  • Cucurbita, pumpkin transversal section.
  • Cucurbita, pumpkin lateral section.
  • Cotton leaf transversal section.
  • Ricinus, castor bean, transversal section.
  • Pittosporum transversal section of typical dicot leaf.
  • Miryophyllum transversal section of aquatic stem.
  • Nymphaea, water lily, transversal section of aquatic stem.
  • Solanum, irish potato, transversal section of mature tuber with starch granules.
  • Tilia one year stem transversal section.
  • Nerium, leaf transversal section.
  • Nicotiana transversal section of leaf.
  • Salix willow transversal section of stem.
  • Sambucus elder, bark with lenticels.


Konus presents its Angiospermae, Dicotyledons (Magnoliopsidae) collection of slides. Ideal for use in educational settings, this budget-friendly set features a variety of 25 specimens from nature. An introduction to the collection and descriptions for each slide enhance learning.

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