Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Angiospermae and Monocotyledons (Liliopsidae) (25 Slides)

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  • Allium ,onion lateral section.
  • Allium, root tip with mitosis.
  • Garlic flower with anthers and ovaries.
  • LIly, leaf.
  • Lily, pollen.
  • Lily, anther.
  • LIly, ovary.
  • Lilium, transversal section monocotiledon flower.
  • LIlium very young anther with sporogenous tissue.
  • Lilium, style and stigma with pollen grains.
  • Orchis, transversal section aerial root.
  • Iris, epidermis whole mount.
  • Corn, Zea Mays root.
  • Corn, Zea Mays transversal section of young stem.
  • Corn Zea Mays transversal section stem.
  • Corn Zea Mays lateral section stem.
  • Rice transversal section of root.
  • Rice, transversal section of leaf.
  • Rice, transversal section of leaf.
  • Triticum wheat transversal section root.
  • Triticum wheat transversal section of stem.
  • Triticum wheat transversal section of leaf.
  • Monoc + Dicot leaves.
  • Monoc + Dicot stems.
  • Monoc + Dicot roots.


Ideal for use in educational settings, the Konus Angiospermae, Monocotyledons, (Liliopsidae) Slide Set collection contains 25 specimen slides in an attractive and practical wooden box. Stimulate student's curiosity, while introducing them to the fascinating world of science with this array of plant life, from lily pollen to wheat stems.

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