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Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Konus Botany Prepared Slides

Hepaticae, Mosses, Pteridophytae and Gymnospermae (25 Slides

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  • Marchantia polymorpha, section of thallus.
  • Marchantia, section with archegonia.
  • Marchantia, section with antheridia.
  • Spore of Equisetum arvense (show elater) whole mount.
  • Moss, lateral section of anteridial cluster.
  • Microsporange of Seleginell lateral section.
  • Moss, prtonema whole mount.
  • Epiphyte fern (Platycerium).
  • Fern, section of leaf.
  • Fern transversal section of rhizome.
  • Fern protallium of young specimen with antheridia.
  • Fern protallium of mature specimen with archegonia.
  • Gemma of Marchantia whole mount.
  • Archyblast of Chara whole mount.
  • Gingko transversal section of leaf and petiole.
  • Pinus transversal section of leaf.
  • Pinus first year stem.
  • Pinus, mature wood section rad.
  • Pinus, mature wood section tang.
  • Pinus, section of young strobilus showing meiosis.
  • Pinus, median lateral section of male strobilus.
  • Pinus transversal section of male strobilus with microspore.
  • Pinus, whole mount of pollen grains.
  • Pinus lateral section of young female cone with bracts and ovules.
  • Fir tree, leaf tip.


This budget-friendly specimen collection from Konus, provides you with 25 slides, ideal for use in educational settings. Contained in an attractive wooden box, the Botany: Hepaticae, Mosses, Pteridophytae and Gymnospermae slide set stimulates learning, not only with fascinating slides, but with descriptions for each specimen.

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