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Konus Biorex-Infinity 1000x Biological Microscope

Konus Biorex-Infinity 1000x Biological Microscope

Trinocular Head, 4 Interchangeable Objectives

Stock# KON5607 UPC 698156056073

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  • Nosepiece with infinity plan acromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x
  • NA122/0.24 swing out achromatic condenser, blue filter
  • Metal stand 132x140mm with fine and coarse coaxial adjustment
  • 132x140mm built-in mechanical stage
  • Infinity gemel trinocular head
  • Built-in illuminator 90/240V with 6V/20W halogen bulb


The Konus Biorex-Infinity Biological Microscope loaded with infinity objectives is a more sophisticated and potentially rich instrument than a normal one. The Konus microscope is an instrument suitable to high level scientific observations too. The infinity objectives enable a simplified use of the microscope with some unique techniques such as fluorescence, polarized light and others, for more chromatically corrected images. The lenses of the objectives in the Biorex-Infinity Biological Microscope by Konus focus the sample image to infinite and not to a distance of 160mm. With these "infinity" objectives the distance between the objective and ocular can be modified without the problems of optical efficiency which is typical of traditional objectives.

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