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Konus Biology Prepared Slides

Konus Biology Prepared Slides

Set for Teaching Biology 1 (10 Slides)

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  • Filamentous green alga of freshwater.
  • Mould from bread with mycelium and spoor.
  • Sunflower root, transversal section.
  • Privet transversal section of leaf (Ligustrum).
  • Tulip, transversal section of ovary arrangement ovules.
  • Paramecium ciliates.
  • Earthworm transversal section through midbody.
  • House fly, wing whole mount.
  • Frog, blood smear.
  • Chick, skin of a bird lateral section with feathers.


The Slide Set for Biology Teaching - Part 1 from Konus provides a broad range of animal and plant samples for teaching concepts in general biology and microscopy techniques.

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