Konus Biology 2 Prepared Slides

Konus Biology 2 Prepared Slides

The Human Body Pathological Tissues 1 (10 Slides)

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  • Tuberculosis of the lung transversal section.
  • Cirrhosis of liver, transversal section.
  • Leukemia of spleen transversal section.
  • Sleeping disease, blood smear.
  • Inflammation of the lung.
  • Malaria, melanemia of spleen transversal section.
  • Scar tissue of skin transversal section.
  • Eberthella typhi (typhoid fever).
  • Chronic nephritis transversal section.
  • Pus bacteria smear with cocci.


The Human Body Pathological Tissues Slide Set - Part 1 from Konus includes a range of human tissues under common pathological conditions. This set of slides can be used to illustrate the progression of common diseases as a means of encouraging good health, hygiene and the need for consistent medical care among the community, and can also be used to teach human cellular pathology and forensics.

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