Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Plant Reproduction and Propagation (10 Slides)

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  • Bacteria rod-shaped bacilli in fission.
  • Seaweed, Focus thallus transversal section.
  • Cornsmut Ustilago spore whole mount.
  • Pine (Pinus), male cone with pollen transversal section.
  • Pine pollen grains with air bags whole mount.
  • Chive, flower with anthers, ovaries transversal section.
  • Lily anthers development of pollen transversal section.
  • Tulip (Tulipa) transversal mount ovary with ovules.
  • Iris transversal section of seed of embryo.
  • Tomato (Solanum) young fruit transversal section.


The Plant Reproduction and Propagation Slide Set from Konus illustrates the cellular mechanisms of plant reproduction, and is valuable in teaching the biological science underpinning the fields of botany and agriculture.

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