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Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

The Wonderful Structure of Vegetable Cells (10 Slides)

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  • Cells with crystals from cactus transversal section.
  • Edelberry, Sambucus, stem transversal section.
  • Mullein, Verbascum branched leaf hairs.
  • Glandular cells in rosemary leaf transversal section.
  • Sunflower leaf with hairs transversal section.
  • Water lily Nymphaea stem, stellate hairs.
  • Dead nettle Lamium stem, transversal section.
  • Potato, Solanum tuber transversal section.
  • Pollen grains, mixed species.
  • Isolated vessels from plant stem.


The Wonderful Structure of a Vegetable Cell Slide Set from Konus illustrates the variations in common vegetable and plant cell types and structures, and is valuable in teaching the biological science underpinning the fields of botany and agriculture.

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