Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Life in the Ground (10 Slides)

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  • Soil bacteria.
  • Hyphae of root fungi transversal section.
  • Fruiting body of mushroom (Psalliota).
  • Horsetail Equisetum spores with elateres.
  • Moss leaf, surface view whole mount.
  • Needle of pine (Pinus) transversal section.
  • Venatio of a deciduous leaf.
  • Decomposing leaf, formation of humus.
  • Mite from forest soil, whole mount.
  • Earthworm (Lumbricus) transversal section of midbody.


The Life in the Ground Slide Set from Konus includes cellular and anatomical samples that are useful in teaching basic microscopy techniques as well as ecology and environmental science. The set illustrates many of the organisms and substrates involved in the decomposition of organic matter.

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