Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Konus Biology 1 Prepared Slides

Cell Development and Reproduction (10 Slides)

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  • Mitotic stages in red bone marrow.
  • Mitotic stages in tests of mouse transversal section.
  • Sea-urchin ceavage stage.
  • Growing egg in ovary of bird transversal section.
  • Plant mitosis, lateral section of onion root tips.
  • Plant stages in red bone marrow.
  • Growing tissue in stem apex lateral section.
  • Growing leaf tissue in shoot apex transversal section.
  • Plant meiosis transversal section young Lilium anthers.
  • Mature pollen grains of Lilium whole mount.


The Cell Development and Reproduction Slide Set from Konus shows various plant and animal cell types at various stages of reproduction and illustrates the celluar life cycle. This is an excellent educational tool for illustrating basic concepts in cellular biology.

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