Kershaw 2535 Ultra-Tek Blade Shapener Diamond Fine

Kershaw 2535 Ultra-Tek Blade Shapener Diamond Fine

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The UltraTek Blade Sharpener is the convenient way to keep your knife sharp. The UltraTek is a compact sharpening steel that lets you quickly and easily touch up the edge on your Kershaw anywhere anytime. The UltraTek handle is made of 6061T6 anodized aircraft aluminum. Stored inside the handle is a 600grit diamondcoated oval shaft. This is the perfect grit for restoring an edge that is in generally decent shape but is just dull. Simply unscrew the shaft from the handle interior turn it around and screw it on to the other end of the handle. The UltraTek requires no water or oil. Its lightweight and easy to use.

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