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  • Spyderco C11P C11 Delica II 3 SS|Plain in.

    MPN# C11P


  • Spyderco Advocate TI

    3.49" Satin Drop Point Blade, Titanium Handle Stock# SPYC214TIP


  • Spyderco BY03P2 Byrd Cara Cara Folder SS Drop Point Plain Edge Blade SS

    MPN# BY03P2


  • Spyderco BY03PS2 By03 Byrd Cara Cara Folder 8Cr13MoV SS Drop Point Combo Edge SS

    MPN# BY03PS2


  • Spyderco BY03PSBK2 Byrd Cara Cara Folder SS Drop Point Combo Edge FRN Hndl

    MPN# BY03PSBK2


  • Spyderco BY04P2 Byrd Folder 3 8C13MoV Stainless Straightback Stainless Steel in.

    MPN# BY04P2


  • Taylor Cutlery Black Handle Single

    MPN# IMP22L


  • Spyderco C11PBK Delica 3 VG-10 Black|Plain in.

    MPN# C11PBK


  • Spyderco C11PGRE Delica Green Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon ZDP189 Plain Edge

    MPN# C11PGRE


  • Spyderco C11SBK Delica 3 VG-10 Black|Spyderedge in.

    MPN# C11SBK


  • Spyderco C122GS Tenacious Folder 8Cr13MoV Drop Point Serrated Blade G-10

    MPN# C122GS


  • Spyderco C81GPCMO2 Para-Military2 Folder 3.4 CPMS30V Flat Ground Plain G10 Camo in.

    MPN# C81GPCMO2


  • Spyderco C88SYL2 Salt 2 3 H1 Steel Drop Point Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Yellow in.

    MPN# C88SYL2


  • Spyderco C89SYL C88 Folder H1 Sheepsfoot Blade Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon

    MPN# C89SYL


  • Spyderco CLLFPPR Folding Delica4 Flat Ground 2.88 VG10 Plain Blade Purple Handl in.



  • Spyderco LFGP3 Lady Bug Folder Plain Edge VG-10 Clip Point FRN Foliage Green

    MPN# LFGP3


  • Real Avid|Revo AVAR15T AR15 Multi-Purpose Tool 3.25 440C Stainless Tanto Black G10 Black in.

    MPN# AVAR15T


  • Real Avid|Revo AVGTMAX Gun Tool Max 3.25 440 Stainless Steel Drop Point G10 Black in.



  • Real Avid|Revo AVGTPRO Gun Tool PRO 2.5 Claw Point in.



  • Real Avid|Revo AVGTPROAR Gun Tool Pro AR15 2.5 Claw Point in.



  • Spyderco BY04PSBK2 Byrd Meadowlark Folder 8Cr13MoV SS Drop Point Blade Black SS

    MPN# BY04PSBK2


  • Spyderco BY07P Byrd Folder 3.5 8Cr13MoV Stainless Hollow Ground Blade SS Handle in.

    MPN# BY07P


  • Spyderco BY10PBK2 Byrd Robin2 Ltwt Folder 2.4 8Cr13MoV SS Flat Ground FRN Blk in.

    MPN# BY10PBK2


  • Spyderco BYO4PS2 Byrd Meadowlark Stainless Steel Flat Ground

    MPN# BY04PS2


  • Spyderco C08S Harpy 2.75 G-10 Hawkbill Blade Stainless Steel|Spyderedge in.

    MPN# C08S


  • Spyderco Police Model

    4.125" Satin Clip Point Blade, Satin Stainless Steel Handle Stock# SPYC07P


  • Spyderco Police Model

    4.125" Satin Serrated Clip Point Blade, Satin SS Handle Stock# SPYC07S


  • Spyderco C10FPPR Endura 3.75 Flat Ground Purple Plain in.

    MPN# C10FPPR


  • Spyderco C10P Endura Folder 3.88 VG-10 Clip Point Stainless Steel in.

    MPN# C10P


  • Spyderco C10S Endura Folder 3.75 VG-10 Clip Point Stainless Steel in.

    MPN# C10S


  • Spyderco C11FPGR Folding Delica4 Flat Ground 2.88 VG10 Plain Blade Green Handle in.

    MPN# C11FPGR


  • Uzi Accessories UZKFDR009 Covert Tactical Folding Knife 3.5 Stainless Steel Folding Aluminum in.

    MPN# UZKFDR009


  • Wilson Combat Star-Light Tactical Folding Knife

    3.5" Black Drop Point Blade, Black G10 Handle/ Hogue Stock# WILWTKSTARLIGHT


  • Uzi Accessories UZKTRW003 Throwing Knives III 3 Fixed in.

    MPN# UZKTRW003


  • Uncle Henry 12UH Roadie Folder 2.2 7Cr17 Steel Drop Point Syn Bone Hndl in.

    MPN# 12UH


  • Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike Fixed 5 7Cr17 SS Clip Point Syn Bone Handle in.

    MPN# 153UH


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