HME Pro Series Super Bow Hanger


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HME Pro Series Super Bow Hanger Specifications

A true breakthrough in bow hangers. HME's Pro Series Super Hangers are by far the best bow hangers of their kind. HME's takes care of the obvious flaws that common bow hangers have. Let HME explain...for one thing, HME have completely solved the problem of the hanger unscrewing itself by adding the folding support arm (A). The support arm also provides unmatched strength for the entire mounting arm unlike the common design whose only support comes from a single screw that is screwed into the tree. It is also much easier to install by using the support arm accessory hook's super sharp point to make a pilot hole in the tree for the larger mounting screw. The super-strong machined mounting screw on the hanger can then be easily screwed into the pilot hole. The dual-prong accessory hook provides a great place to hold calls, binoculars, rattling antlers, quiver, etc.

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