Genesis Gen X Bow with Kit Right Handed, Black

Genesis Gen X Bow with Kit Right Handed, Black

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Genesis Gen-X bow is powerful enough for hunting, simple enough for anyone to use. The new Gen-X single cam allows up to 40 lbs of draw weight to add velocity to your shot, so it's perfect for stronger target archers and is approved for whitetail hunting in most states.

Gen-X Bow Kit Includes:

- Bow
- 3 Pin Sight
- Whisker Biscuit Rest
- Detachable Quiver with Four Carbon Arrows


- Handed: Right Hand
- Axle To Axle Length: 35 1/2"
- Brace Height: 7 5/8"
- Adjustable Draw Weight: 25 - 40 lbs
- Draw Length Range: 21" - 30"
- Progressive Let Off Range: 19% - 62%
- Mass Weight: 3.40 lbs
- Color: Black

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