Geco Diabolo 177 Caliber 500rd Pellet

Geco Diabolo 177 Caliber 500rd Pellet

.45 Grain

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  • Caliber: 177
  • Grain: 7.0
  • Bullet Type: Rifle / Pistol
  • Box: 500 Round


Geco Diabolo was developed especially for beginners and leisure-time target shooters. Low-priced, precise pellets for those who shoot regularly as a hobby. A standardized method of producing these smooth air rifle pellets guarantees the required accuracy at an extremely favorable price.

Geco Diabolo 177 Caliber
Brand: Geco
Caliber: 177
Pellet Type: Rifle / Pistol
Grain: 7.0
Muzzle Energy: ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: fps
Rounds Per Box: 500
Boxes Per Case:  
Casing Material:  

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