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FrogLube CLP Wipes

FrogLube CLP Wipes

5 Presoaked Wipes per Sealed Package

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  • 5 presoaked wipes per sealable package
  • Biodegradable Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant
  • Contains no petroleum, or water
  • Non-hazardous in every way
  • Pleasant mint scent


FrogLube Paste is the first completely non-toxic, food grade, biodegradable CLP available. FrogWipes are pre-soaked with FrogLube paste, and are re-usable. Wipes can be cut down for bore cleaning patches, and can be resoaked with FrogLube for several cleanings. Using FrogLube results in a durable dry slick wax-like surface that reduces friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust. FrogLube is safe for plastic, urethane, nylon, and wood. FrogLube is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant, environmentally safe, non-hazardous, and safe to use indoors.

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