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FrogLube CLP Large ClamShell Kit

FrogLube CLP Large ClamShell Kit

4 oz. Solvent, 4 oz. CLP Liquid, Brush, Precision Applicator

Stock# FRO15234 UPC 736211152343

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  • 4 oz. Solvent
  • 4 oz. CLP Liquid
  • Brush
  • Precision Applicator


FrogLube CLP is simply one of the very best in the industry for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting your firearms. The FrogLube CLP creates zero issues with the environment and is comprised of "USDA Certified Food-Grade" ingredients. This non-toxic CLP is used by shooters in the know that demand the very best for their firearms and who absolute refuse second best. Using FrogLube results in a durable dry slick wax-like surface that reduces friction, eliminates fouling, and destroys rust. FrogLube is safe for plastic, urethane, nylon, and wood.

Clean your weapons like never before and watch carbon just fall out of your weapon. Removes all petroleum based chemicals, solvents, lubricants, and carbon, ensuring a thorough FrogLube treatment of your whole firearm. Even though this is tough on fouling, it is safe for protecting firearms coating, paints, wood, and other materials from the corrosive effects of petroleum-based flammable and toxic weapons care products.

The FrogLube CLP and Solvent is non-hazardous and safe to use indoors.

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