Cuddeback Cell Home (Verizon LTE)

Cuddeback Cell Home (Verizon LTE)


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Cuddeback Cell Home (Verizon LTE) Details

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Cuddeback Cell Home (Verizon LTE) Specifications

CuddeLink Cell Built In

With CuddeLink Cell now you are able to view all your photos on your cell phone or computer while in the comfort of your home. Perfect for those that live far away from their hunting property, or simply want the convenience of images emailed directly to them.

CuddeLink Cell receives images from up to 15 Remote cameras and emails them directly to your inbox. Only one Cell Home is needed in each network and ONLY ONE CELL PLAN is required. Saving Serious hunters serious money.


  • A cellular enabled Home that does not have a camera
  • Lower cost than using a cellular enabled camera
  • Will email images from up to 15 remote cameras
  • Longer battery life then the G-Series cell cameras
  • CuddeLink compatible & CuddeLink Cell compatible

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