Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault

Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault

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Barska Biometric Fingerprint is compact and convenient, with state-of-the-art technology to protect your belongings! The Barska Finger Print Safe uses biometric technology that lets you access your firearms and valuables with the touch of a finger. The Barska Gun Storage safe will recognize only the fingerprints you select and will not recognize any others. Barska makes sure that you will never have to fumble for keys, lose them or worry about where to hide them. There are no complicated combinations to remember with the Barska Biometric Safe.


- Type: Biometric Fingerprint Pistol Vault
- Color: Black Matte
- Material: Heavy Duty Steel
- Deminsions: 11.5"L X 8"W X 5.5"H

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