Blackhawk! Serpa CQC XIPHOS 1911 Government RH Black

Blackhawk! Serpa CQC XIPHOS 1911 Government RH Black

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The sleek CQC Light Bearing Holster makes it convenient to carry our weapon light on a concealed handgun. The slim profile of the Blackhawk Xiphos NT Light (sold separately) creates no added bulk and fits securely in this compact Level 2 holster.


- Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
- Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
- Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
- Speed-cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and re-holster while keeping eyes on target
- Includes belt loop and paddle platform


- Fits: 1911 Government
- Color: Black
- Right Hand

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