Blackhawk! Level-3 RH 1911 Government Black

Blackhawk! Level-3 RH 1911 Government Black

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Level 3 retention holsters have long been the standard for law enforcement duty use. Now, thanks to the proven SERPA Auto Lock technology, you can draw your weapon rapidly under stress, using your natural drawing motion with no unnatural maneuvers or complicated sequences to remember. Just grab and draw!

- Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release
- Thumb-activated Pivot Guard for additional security
- No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow down your draw
- Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
- Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for increased officer safety
- No snaps or hoods to accidentally open
- Full-length holster body protects rear sights
- Same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty
- Includes angle-adjustable jacket-slot belt loop


- Fits: Colt 1911 and Clones
- Matte Black
- Right Hand

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