12 Survivors Fuel Disk 3 Pack

12 Survivors Fuel Disk 3 Pack

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12 Survivors


12 Survivors Fuel Disk 3 Pack Specifications

Fuel your fire with a Fuel Disk 3 Pack from 12 Survivors! Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials, these cedar wood chip and food grade paraffin wax disks will burn for 30-45 minutes or longer each. Scored to easily break up into smaller pieces depending on your needs, Fuel Disks have no shelf life and can even be lit after being soaked in water, so you never have to worry about them going bad! Burning at over 1,000 degrees within just 2 minutes, the Fuel Disk 3 Pack is ideal for cooking, camping, backpacking and emergency/survival situations.


  • Burns at 1000° within 2 minutes
  • No shelf life or expiration date
  • Will still light after being soaked in water
  • Each disk burns for 30-45 minutes or longer
  • Made in USA from 100% recycled material


  • Dimensions (in): 3.75 x 1
  • Dimensions (mm): 98.25 x 25.4
  • Weight (oz): 3.7
  • Material: Cedar Wood Chips and Food Grade Paraffin Wax

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