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Title Tasco Super Sniper 10 x 42 M
Manufacturer Tasco
Description SS10x42M
obj. lens
dia. mm.
eye lens dia, mm
field of view @
100 yards
10 X
36 mm
eye relief
weight Oz
mil-dot (army)
Quick look

The scope was kindly provided to us by I.M.T.T. We were originally a bit skeptic about the scope since it was "only a Tasco" and probably would not have acquired it if it had not been strongly recommended by some very knowledgeable people in the law enforcement and military community.
The Super Sniper comes in a plain white cardboard box. Included are some bubble wrap, instruction manual, cleaning patch, and scope covers. The scope feels very sturdy and is claimed .50 cal. proof by the manufacturer. The knobs are big, really big, and easily adjustable by gloved hands. The turrets felt a bit tight when the scope was straight out of the box, but that went away after some use. As mentioned the turrets are quite big, witch makes them easy to handle but it may also cause some problems, on one occasion the windage turret got constantly battered by exiting brass and got a little beat up in the process. ( see picture below* ) This also resulted in malfunctions from time to time as the exiting brass bounced back in the gun from the turret. The scope was moved backwards just a tad and the problem was resolved. The clicks witch are nice and audible are 1/4 moa, The adjustments have been repeatable to this day without any problems.The scope has now been in use for 2 years and has undergone a couple of sniper competitions with no trouble. Only minor failure occurred when the scope was used in temperatures under - 20 Celsius, what happened was that the clicks disappeared, the turrets worked ok, but the clicks couldn't be heard or felt. The optical quality of the glass is good period. The parallax adjustment is located where you would normally have a magnification ring on a variable scope. Focus is at the ocular end and it can be adjusted by rotating the eyepiece. All in all One of the best (if not the best) scopes in it's price class.

UPDATE Feb. 2003.
The scope has now been on the road for 6 moths now being passed around to several people for testing and it still going strong.

- sturdy
- sells for $ 399
- good glass

- freezes up in sub zero temperatures

UPDATE Sept. 2003

We were recently contacted by SWFA / after they had read our review on the SS. They had learned about the problems that appeared in extreme cold conditions and apparently similar problems had been encountered in other SS Scopes too. According to Mr. Farris from SWFA Inc.the Navy contract for the S.E.A.L.s required a special kind of lube for salt water submersion and if the turret is not properly installed at the time of manufacture one will get a mushy feel to the knobs that is exaggerated in extreme cold. According to Farris they have since identified this problem and corrected in production by retraining the factory on how to properly assemble this highly specialized scope. The mil spec tolerances are so tight that it requires special attention when assembling. SWFA / is also trying to detach Tasco and or Bushnell's names from the Super Sniper series as they are the sole source for them and have an exclusive with the factory. In this attempt they have developed a logo for the S.S. scopes so that they can establish their own identity.

Since SWFA Inc. could not provide us with a sample of the latest improved model of the Super Sniper scope so we could verify the improvements we'll just have to take their word for it.

the scope (scope rings not included)
the knobs
the parallax adjustment knob
the turret cap removed
the ocular lens
the windage turret*
Where to buy
Visitors' comments
Comments Simply put, I've own a couple Leopold LR mil dot scopes and one MK4. I love them to pieces, but I've grown wiery of having to spend 700+ on a good tactical scope. I recently purchased a used Remington LTR 308 with the Tasco Sniper Scope ( side focus model) mounted. It hasn't made me think any less of my leopolds, but for half the price it seems to be an amazing buy. In fact, in fairness, it seems to do everything the Leopold MK 4 does and it seems just as durable ( if fairness, I don't make it a happit of abusing my scopes and my eye's are probably not good enough to tell if one transmits light better than the other). In a nut shell, 399.00 seems like too good of a bargain to pass up on a scope that few could be dissappointed in. 
by Travis
Comments Crystal clear, Rock Solid
by Fred Garvins
Comments Cant beet the quality for the price
by Riedog
Comments I purchased a SS10x42M to go with a recent custom rig, with skepticism initially, I am not disappointed. For the money I don't think there is a better buy anywhere. Optically, I was also surprised at the clarity. The only negative detractor; and only a personal one, is that the scope knobs should be sbout a 1/4" shorter.
by Steve Forrister
Comments I own the new SWFA SS10X42M, it is great, in my opinion it is better than leupold VXIII-M1
stars -not given-
by Jeremy Hanks
Comments I have used many high end and high dollar scopes....the Super Sniper is among the high end scopes without the high dollar cost. Awesome piece of equipment. Excellent tool for any precision rifle.
by Retired SWAT
Comments I bought this scope from SWFA, first off, this scope is REALLY nice, I really like the finish, turrets are crisp, focus knob is GREAT.........Until after 5 minutes of stopped focusing...LITERALLY, the scope IS TOTALLY DEAD. Other than that, what a great scope. I sent it back to SWFA for a refund......WILL NOT buy another.....lost all confidence. 3/26/04
by Joshua Larson
Comments This scope has great glass and holds zero better than any scope I have ever had or been around.
by Jeremy Hanks
Comments has not lost zero in five years!
stars -
by -
Comments I've put 100 rounds thru my AR-10 and find the scope excellent for the money. I shoot at 600 meters and it really does hold solid.
by Jim Parks
Comments One of the best for under $400 its on a Weatherby TRR 308
by Sgt C Sostand (USMC)